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Concurrent issue when access dash app server from different client

New to Dash and python. I am using dash for live plotting and provided interaction component like button, radio item and checkbox etc. It was working properly when there is only one client accessing the server.
But if I try to open same address(say: from multiple PC browser. I can see inconsistent checkbox status(default setting), radio item status(also default setting) between different client. The later client opened in browser will overwrite the earlier client setting.
When the later client overwrited, I can’t see earlier client setting get updated.

Is there any way to solve such concurrent issue?

Appreciate if can provide any idea

It’s not possible to say what’s wrong unless you share a small runnable example of the issue.

However the first thing that comes to mind is you have implemented your application with global variables that you are mutating. This will mean one user affecting the state of the entire application which will then by read by other users.

Otherwise Dash is designed with the idea of concurrent users as there is no application state inside the scope of a callback, so concurrency is natural.

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