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Conceptual Dcc.Store Question

Hey everyone!

So I was trying to find ways to speed up my application with various forms of caching, so when I came across the dcc.store component, I assumed that would be the fastest as the data gets stored in the browser, but now that I’m thinking about it, does that make it slower? Basically, I’m running the application on a server right now and conceptually, if i store intermediate data between two callbacks in a dcc.store component, does that require two network roundtrips of that data in order for the second output to be outputted? Does that mean that using a filesystem cache or something located on the server might end up being faster instead? Apologies if my understanding of this is a bit off because I’m relatively new to this but look forward to hearing from all of you! Thanks!

Hi @dash-beginner

See server side caching:

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Thanks again Eduardo! That was exactly the resource that I needed!

Glad to know that :grinning:

Thanks to @Emil for such an Incredible tool :star_struck: