Column Filtering and Row selecting together

Hello, I know about Row selecting and column filtering in dash data-table.

                                                  columns=[{'id': c, 'name':c} for c in columns],
                                                  row-selectable= true

By this way, I am able to apply the two- column filter action and row selection. But by applying the column filter, the option to select every rows disappears (row selection is there but individual ones - one by one). Like in the image below, there is the box at the top of rows to select every rows by just 1 click.

My question is that is ther a way to select all the rows of datatable by one click ?

not yet, but there will be in the next couple of months. you can track the progress here: Select all rows · Issue #249 · plotly/dash-table · GitHub

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Thanks for the response Chris.

Request you to help me with this issue-