Colorbar ticks left aligned

Hello everyone,

I wonder if it is possible to move the ticks of the colorbar to left part of the plot.
Graphical example:

Yes, you can put ticklabels at leftl, setting colorbar_ticklabelposition:
layout.coloraxis | Python | Plotly.

The solution above is incorrect. The ticklabelposition settings "outside left" and "inside left" only denote the position of the label relative to the tick and can only be used when orientation is "h" - i.e., when the colorbar is horizontal.

Currently, I don’t think there’s a way to put the labels on the left side of a colorbar.

Seems not implemented yet:

But found a workaround:

  • Place tick labels inside colorbar - ticklabelposition
  • Put enough spaces as tick suffix to push-out labels to the left - ticksuffix
  • Allow label overflow to show first and last tick labels - ticklabeloverflow
  • Define font color as it is turned to white when put inside colorbar - tickfont_color

To accordingly update a figure:

        ticksuffix='     ',