Colorbar parameters

Hi ,
I am using plotly. But not sure how to add Title at the header and also at the bottom of the Bar…
I am able to add only at one place.

In my scenario I have x and y values for a given data.
As of now I am plotting the scatter plot(xvalue,yvalue).
And I added the colorbar and colors on the points are good.

But not sure How to add the dates on the colobar.
As per my object It has Date and Xaxisvalue,Yaxisvalue.
As I have the date I…e My Colorbar need to have the data range to know which color is given to which date.
But I am not using dates to plot the Graph on the left side.

sample of my graph is give in the screen shot.

Any suggestion or advise.


Here are all the things you can currently do with a colorbar:

Hi Etinenne,
Thank you for a good Material.
But I am not able to figure it out.
All i need on the colorbar is Start Date and End Data.
This Data is not used the xaxis or yaxis. Those are start data and end data of data fetched.

Please advise.

Thank you

Hi Etinenne,
All that I need is to add an external data in to the colorbar.
I.e Date start data and end data to the colorbar.

Thank you

try tickvals and ticktext

Hi etienne,
I have used tickvals and ticktext. Its still not working.
Any suggestions please.


Thank you etienne. I will try adding the slider .