Collect User Input, Run Analysis, Display Analysis, Save Analysis

I am currently working on a personal project to automate general real estate analysis. The goal is to take user provided input in a GUI and then use this input to query databases that I have with information on unemployment, median home value, population, etc. in the area that the user provides.

I currently have all the analysis completed, but it requires I go into my code and change the variables every time, which is not as nice as working with a GUI to input the information, then click a submit button and receive a nice output on population data over time, unemployment rate, and home values.

For example:

    street = 123 Main St
    zip = 12345
    city = New York
    state = New York

what I would like is to have a user form or pop up box appear where I fill out information, click submit, the user data is saved in a database and then used in the analysis. The submit button would ideally save the data, analyze, and redirect to the final output.

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