Cluster scattermapbox no property error

Hi i’m triing to run a scattermapbox on an other computer and I have the
following error message :

Invalid property specified for object of type plotly.graph_objs.Scattermapbox: ‘cluster’

Plotly version : 5.11.0

If anyone know how to fix this :slight_smile:

Hi @MrWillBe Welcome to the forums.

How did you try to use the cluster? Like this example:

[search for “Add Clusters”]

Yeah exactly I can share you my code.
It works fine one my first computer.
I think the issue is probably about the anaconda’s plotly version.
The app displays the 5.9 plotly version but the prompt 5.11 btw

OK. I think the cluster argument has been added in version 5.11 so make sure you have the correct version installed.

Yeah i fixed this cause i used too few interpreter… Thank you.