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Closing line for radar cart and popup window on chart radar

Hi, I have such a question.
How can I close the lines on Radar Charts and make some popup window like the image.
the code is as shown

thanks beforehand

If you’re using you can use the line_close=True parameter, otherwise you’ll have to manually duplicate the first point at the end of your series.

For a “popup” you will have to use annotations and shapes: and



So if we use go.Scatterpolar with plotly.graphs_objects we can’t close the last point with the first ?
I’m using this instead of because I want create a radar charte with 2 parameters.
It’s possible to do that also with ?


Yes, you can use Plotly Express to make radar charts with multiple traces, by setting the color argument.

You can also close lines with go.Scatterpolar by repeating the first point in your trace at the end.

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