Clicking on zoom in a plot scrolls my page to the top

Hi everyone,

I’ve looked around the forum, but I can’t seem to find a previous post about this. I have a dashboard (part of a multi-page dash app) that generates a Graph at the bottom of the page. There is a good amount of table display and selectors for calculations above it, so you end up having to scroll down to see the Graph. However, when I click on the graph to say, zoom out/in, it does it, but scrolls to the top of the page. Is this expected? From a usability standpoint, this doesn’t work out all that well.



Upon further investigation, this doesn’t happen with another plot (either box or violoin) added below this one. It does not scroll as with the scatterplot (or scattergl). Clickdata from the scatter is used to generate data for the box/violin, FWIW. Seems like maybe something is up with the scatterplot.

I believe this is a bug with the dash-table-experiments project. We’re replacing it soon with a much better table

Thanks, Chris. Eagerly awaiting the new datatable.