Clicking on Shapes

Hello! Very new to Dash here. I’m trying to capture when a shape is selected by being clicked. I also need to determine which shape was selected from the layout. Is this possible? I searched through the documentation but couldn’t find anything on the subject.

Right now a selected shape turns purple, but I can’t find where that behavior is programmed.

Hm, perhaps the relayoutData property?

Hello Chriddyp.
I’ve been messing around with clicks and drags for a while.

Dragging shapes on a layout produces information in the relayoutData property, but clicking on shapes in a layout doesn’t produce any information. Even in the clickData property. I have tried clickmode ‘event’ and clickmode ‘event+select’ in the layout settings, and neither help.

Am I doing something wrong, or do layouts not respond to clicks?

Also is there any way to give a layout an ID for the purposes of callbacks?