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Clicking on Any other tab causes a jump - dash table

As soon as I click on Any other tab it leads to a jump to one specific tab/page.

I have checked the ids they are all unique, what else can it possibly be ?

  1. It is the only page with a datatable.
  2. The same error occurs on different browsers.
  3. There is no error message

Some further analysis shows it is the datatable:
As soon as I click the checkbox on the top left corner then the jump stops. No other table interaction allows the jump to stop apart from that selection.

I have also tried removing all extra options with simply:
# optional - sets the order of columns

It produces the same error as:

    # optional - sets the order of columns

I guess a solution can be to select that checkbox on load ?


Yeah, I’ve noticed this before when adding multiple tables in the same app. Definitely a bug, I’m not sure what the workaround is at this point or how hard a fix would be. I would definitely accept a pull request that fixes this. The issue is likely in underlying component here:

That’s a good idea - you should be able to highlight the rows at start by setting selected_row_indices=[0].

Yea, I don’t think it would be too hard to solve. Hopefully someone can have a look at it, I still have to become acquainted with react :roll_eyes:. Thanks for the quick response.

Actually, it’s a issue on dash table. Checkout