Clickevents from different graphs causing app to be unresponsive

I am trying to make a full-blown app, however, I have noticed that clickevents used to generate a different graphs takes too much of processing power rather than generating a simple HTML table. Is this observation true, if yes then what might be the solution to be able to create the image rather than HTML table. If not, what might be the reason for this type of problem being seen regularly in my app development.

Thanks for writing in SMH! Can you create a toy example of the behavior you’re seeing? It’s unclear what might be causing the holdup (you could be simply dealing with a large dataset for example)

I’d try starting with some of the templates here:

And then slowly build on top of them.

@charleyferrari thanks for the reply. I think i am using a fairly big data set as you suggested. But what i am thinking is how the time of processing between two is so large. Like the data generated is already made only 2 columns and 6 rows using groupby statements, thus most of the processing time between should remain the same. but the difference observed can be immense. I will try to put up a mock example to help build my question better.