Citing Plotly and Dash in academic papers


The research group I’m in is going to publish academic papers on tools that we built with Dash and Plotly.
What is the proper way to cite these magnificent projects?


Hi @Noam_Hadar we are thinking of writing an academic paper to introduce plotly and dash and we will probably submit it during the first semester of 2020. Please stay tuned :-). In the meantime, you can cite the paper on dash-bio which also introduces Dash (so it’s interesting to read also outside of life science applications), or the documentation websites of Dash and Thank you for giving credit to open source software, it is indeed important for the sustainability of the projects!

Hello, @Emmanuelle Did the Academic paper that you mentioned published? I would like to cite plotly for our scientific paper.

Is there any update to this? I will be attempting to publish about an app I made soon, and I would like to give credit.

same same :=)