Circle selection tool

Does anybody know to use a circle as a selection tool similar to the box selection please.
Thank you

I am grateful for your response.
I can see from your pen that I can read the point inside the circle, but I also need to be able to select the circle, move it around and have more than one on the chart, until the user is finally is happy . Think of it as a manual clustering of scatter data.
Any thoughts on that would be great.
Thank you

Modified to accept multiple selections and deselect with the click, implementing the selection with the movement of the shapes is more difficult since there are no events for when a shape moves, perhaps adding some listener to the shapes with document.querySelectorAll(β€œ.shape -group > path”).addEventListener() but I’ll leave it to you as a task

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I think you might have forgotten to update the pen.

It works for me


Another way is using selectedpoints