Choropeth map performance issues

Hello, Im new over the comunity, nice to meet u all !!
Im workin with dash about 3 mounths from now, ive ben trying to deploy a multipage app, one of the pages on the app would be a choropeth map.
I actualy have made the app to work, but on the cloropeth maph it took a lot of time to render the image.
my data is kinda large, but when i toggle the callback graph the most of the time is wasted on the map making. Ive ben trying to inplement a clientiside_callback but idk how to make it work with a cloropath map, I managed to implement it, but I didn’t see any difference

it is possible to use clientiside_callbacks with cloropeth_maps? anyone knows where i can read more about how to do it?
How can i make cloropeth maps faster?

the github pages is :hidro_pr/ at main · bortolletto/hidro_pr · GitHub
thats the code without the clientiside callback,
the folowing one is when i build the app with clientiside callback

Thanks in advance!!