Checklist in html.Details

I am new to dash and CSS. I want to have something like Checkboxes which can be collapsible. So when I am using dcc.Checklist component inside html.Details, it is giving me error " Error loading dependencies". I know I am screwing somewhere with layout. Please find the code below:

def grid_area(area=None):
return {“grid-area”: area} if area else {“display”: “none”}
def get_layout():
“”" Dash Board Layout"""
css_grid = {
“display”: “grid”,
“grid-template-columns”: “repeat(4, 1ft)”,
“grid-gap”: “15px”,
“grid-template-areas”: “”"
“show-toggle show-toggle show-toggle show-toggle”
“run-table cat-list cat-list cat-list”
“place-items”: “stretch”}
return html.Div([

html.Summary(‘Filter Categories’),
html.Div(children=(dcc.Checklist(id = “cat-checklist”, options = {‘label’:‘Wells’, ‘value’:‘wells’}, values = [‘wells’])))

],className='six columns', id = 'toggle',style = grid_area('show-toggle')) )]

I think, I got the issue, I wasn’t using the value property of checklist. Sorry for the rookie mistake.