Charts are not rendered after webgl context warning is shown


I have created a web application which has many charts. It is created using angularjs. On each tab on the left sidebar there are input charts and output charts. Input has combination of 2D (type:‘scattergl’), 3D (type:‘surface’) charts and traces charts (type: ‘scattergl’). On page load the charts are rendered properly as shown below. Input tab has 10 charts.
Input charts

The output tab has 17 charts and all are trace charts created using type:‘scattergl’. Please have a look at the image below. At this point the warning is displayed “plotly-latest.min.js:17 WARNING: Too many active WebGL contexts. Oldest context will be lost.”
Output Charts

One of the output chart is not rendered. Charts seems to be there but traces are not displayed and it shows blank chart. When I mouhover inside the chart area points are displayed but chart is not displayed. Please have a look at the image below.

Now if I go back to input charts again then charts are not rendered. Mousehover displays the points but charts are not rendered.

I saw in one of the posts that webgl error is current limitation of plotly. Please let me know am I hitting the limitation of plotly??
Also let me know if upgrading to personal or professional license will solve it? Is there any workaround for this?

Please share your email id so that I can email you the link for actual hosted application where you can have a look at it. My email id is

That’s an unfortunate limitation of our current WebGL implementation. Fixing it will take several months of work.

I’d recommend subscribing to for the latest developement info.