Charging bar in matplotlib

Hello to everyone, I’ve coded the plot below in matplotlib. But I was young and reckless. Now I’m older and wise so I would like to code it in Plotly. So question is, is it possible to code it in Plotly ? Because I didin’t see anything like this on the official website.

Thank you for your help !

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Hey @Plotlyoko check out bullet charts

Hey RenaudLN thank you for your help !

I use your link and I produced this :

And I’ve done that :

It is what I wanted. However it could be better, I’m too picky haha.

  • For the first picture, I would like to add color legend on the picture.
  • For the second picture, sometimes the red zone is before the green zone sometimes it is after. Therefore as you can see on the plot (1,1) the arrow is down as I’m in the red. The arrow should be up and green. Is it clear ?