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Changing Title and Axis titles in 3D graph

I am using the plotly javascript code to create a 3D scatterplot (similar to what is described in the following webpage : Rather than have axis titles of x,y and z, I would like to replace these with more descriptive titles. Below is the code for my layout. I was wondering if there is an effective way to change the titles or does the 3D plot not support this?

var layout = {
showlegend : false,
title : “Compare Columns”,
xaxis : {
title: “S*/H”,
titlefont: {
family: ‘Courier New, monospace’,
size: 18,
color: ‘#7f7f7f
yaxis : {
title: y
zaxis : {
title: z
margin : {
l : 0,
r : 0,
b : 0,
t : 0


Hi there,
We have an example right here:

Thanks for your help!

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