Changing the style of a div with a callback on dash

Hi, I’m trying to change the style of a div in a callback, a html component like a button it´s going to trigger the change. Anyone knows how can i do that??

what are the input and output parameters that i should pass?

You could update the style property of the component:

@app.callback(Output('your-button-id', 'style'), [Input(...), ...])
def update_style(...):
    # ...
    return {'color': 'blue'}

Hi, can I update the classname property of the component?

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I have the same question. Is it possible to update the class name using a callback?

Yes, just use ‘className’ instead of ‘style’ in the Output of the callback.


This tip was of big help. Thanks.

Can you add the output to your component in this format?

four_card = dbc.Card(
            html.H5(dcc.Link("Name", href='/name'), className="card-title", style=style.TEXT_STYLE),
    ),  style='your-button-id'