Changing marker symbols on px.scatter

I am trying to assign marker symbols to individual class labels in this plot

and this is the code I have tried is

custom_marker_symbols = {'WIN':'diamond', 'LOSS':'circle','UnCounted': 'cross'}
fig = px.scatter(df, x="profit_csf", y="volume", color='WinningFactor',size ='profit_csf_norm',
                        color_discrete_map={"WIN": "limegreen","LOSS": "tomato","UnCounted": 'palevioletred'},
                        symbol_map = custom_marker_symbols)

Where "WIN", "LOSS" and "UnCounted" are class labels in the "WinningFactor" column.
I also tried custom_marker_symbols = {'diamond': 'WIN', 'circle': 'LOSS', 'cross':'UnCounted'} where the key:value association is reversed but nothing works, I could not find any helpful information on the official documentation or stackoverflow on how to set custom symbol map for class labels in a column for px.scatter and fix this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


I think you are almost there, but you need to specify which column the symbol map comes from. So just add symbol="WinningFactor" to px.scatter and that should do it.

Thank you very much, the solution worked.