Changing colorbar font family

Hi everyone,

I want to change the font family of the plotly figure to ‘Lato’.

In the example below, the font_family of the main figure is changed to ‘Lato’.

However, the colorbar’s title and tick’s font are not changed.

I also tried to change the titlefont in the colorbar dict option, but it was impossible.

Can anyone tell me how to change the colorbar’s font family?



fig.update_layout(scene_aspectmode='data',scene=dict(xaxis_title='Easting (km)',yaxis_title='Northing (km)' ,zaxis_title='Depth (km)'),font=dict(color='black',size=15) ,paper_bgcolor="white",scene_camera=camera,showlegend=False,font_family="Lato")

@handy0718 In marker definition, set:

marker_colorbar_tickfont_family="Arial" #"Open Sherif", etc
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Thanks! Is it possible to set the colorbar’s font weight in a similar way?

@handy0718 I don’t know what is font weight. Such an attribute doesn’t exist.
Just call/display help(go.scatter3d.Marker.colorbar) and depending on what you understand by font weight you can decide if it has a correspondent (with another name) or not.