Changing axes properties of only one Scatterpolar subplot


I am new here and writing my first Widget containing several subplots.
There are Scatterpolar() subplots but also other subplots with a x- and y-axis.

I would like to access and change the axes of only one Scatterpolar subplot, in my case the
one at position row=3, col=4 – independantly of the other Scatterpolar subplots.

I tried
f.update_layout(polar = dict(radialaxis = dict(angle=180, tickangle =-180, range = [0, 1]),
angularaxis = dict(direction=“clockwise”, dtick = 30)))
but this actually only changes the first Scatterpolar subplot that is defined in the python script.

Subsequently, I tried
f.update_polars(radialaxis = dict(angle=180, tickangle =-180, range = [0, 2]),
angularaxis = dict(direction=“clockwise”, dtick = 30))
with mediocre success. At least all Scatterpolar plots are “equipped” with the properties defined inside
f.update_polars(). However, I would like to change the axes properties really independantly.

I am now trying if the following will get my anywhere
polar34 = f.for_each_polar(f, row=3, col=4)
polar34.update_polars(radialaxis = dict(angle=180, tickangle =-180, range = [0, 3]),
angularaxis = dict(direction=“clockwise”, dtick = 30))

I would very much appreciate if anyone could help me with this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Thanks to Nicolaskruchten I managed to solve this issue. He suggested the following:

You can just do f.update_polars(..., row=3, col=4) , there is no need to use for_each_polar .

Thanks a lot