Change zooming in plotly

Is it possible to modify the way of zooming Plotly does? In my case I have rather a lot of data points spread out over a large time span. But bunches of 5,000 data points are very close together in a fixed time span of 1 s and I would like to be able to directly zoom such that I see these 5,000 nicely over the entire window.

In the following you can see how I’m proceeding with the zooming:

As you see it takes a while and is on a daily basis way too effortful. Tbh, I don’t know what could or should be changed. Ad-hoc I’m thinking about providing one data point instead of these 5,000 and when I click on this data point (which represents these 5,000 data points) I end up in a nicely zoom or plot with only these 5,000 data points.
FYI, 5,000 data points represent one .csv file ( data set).

Is this somehow possible? It might tremendously reduce the plotting capacities as 12 data sets are already 60,000 data points (and I have way more than 12 files…