Change width of legend


I have been searching in the documentation and on forums, trying to find if there is a way to change the width of the legend, but without luck.

What I have is the following:

I would like for it to be like this, so that the pie charts match better:

I know that I can reposition the legend, but that moves the scrollbar as well, and I would like for it to stay in place.

Here is reproducible code for the Decade graph:

decade_piechart_df = pd.DataFrame({"Decade":["1900s", "1920s", "1930s", "1940s", "1950s", "2020s", "1960s", "1970s", "1980s", "1990s", "2000s","2010s"],
                           "Watched movies":["1", "4", "8", "9", "15", "17", "33", "71", "116", "238", "743", "933"]})

PuYl12 = ["#9B51E0","#A35DD3","#AB69C5","#B375B8","#BB81AB","#C38D9D","#CC9890","#D4A482","#DCB075","#E4BC68","#ECC85A","#F4D44D"]

decade_piechart_graph = px.pie(decade_piechart_df, values='Watched movies', names='Decade')
decade_piechart_graph.update_traces(textposition='inside', textinfo="percent+label", textfont_size=20,  marker=dict(colors=PuYl12, line=dict(color='black', width=0.5)))
    font=dict(size=20, color='black'),
    margin=dict(t=10, l=0),
    legend={"x" : 0.94, "y" : 1})

Thank you in advance and kind regards,