Change waitress serving URL (windows 10)

So i have an app being served via waitress on a windows 10 machine:

The app script:

app = dash.Dash()
server = app.server
‘lots of stuff’
if name == ‘main’:

The waitress script:

from waitress import serve
from “my_apps_name” import server


Running the waitress script runs my app on an, im assuming, waitress defined URL.
Its something similar to ‘http://DESKTOP-HDO534S:8080

However elegant this name may seem…, i kind off want to define this URL myself.

I have tried many combinations similar to:

serve(server, host = ‘http://myurlname’,port=8080)

Which might ellude to you how little i know about this.

Googling this has not yielded anything as of yet.
Can someone here enlighten me ? :slight_smile:

The DESKTOP-HDO534S is your computers hostname. You can change that in your computers settings (depends on your operating system) by changing the name of your computer.

However what I think you really want is to use a domain name e.g. and have it publicly accessible by other people. If this is the case then you need a few things:

  1. Buy the domain name from a domain name registrar
  2. Host your code on a publicly accessible server
  3. Point your domain name to the server

I would focus on #2 first, the other stuff is easier. For #2 the quickest starting method is to host your code on Heroku (hobby plan is free), there are instructions here

After you have that working you can then buy a domain (#1) and then point your domain name at the server. Instructions for Heroku are here

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Thank you for your reply! The first part was indeed what i was looking for :grinning: