Change location of DataTable pagination links

Wondering if it’s possible to change the position of the pagination buttons (next/prev etc)? I’d like to be able to place these at the top, as I have a large table with vertical scrolling. So user discoverability of the buttons all the way at the bottom is a problem. Ideally I’d be able to the buttons both at the bottom and top, to make it easy to access regardless of whether at the top or the bottom of the table.

Can’t see any params of the DataTable that would help, I’m guessing I’m limited to using CSS to reach in and style elements in the component, however I’m not sure if that’s going to be able to help with positioning relative to the table.

The DataTables jQuery plugin addresses this by exposing a dom param that allows users to control how the different parts of the table (the table itself, filter widgets, pagination, table summary) are constructed. I wonder if this could be used for inspiration for an enhancement of the the DataTable?