Change Html.Hr() thickness and color

I followed this post to attempt to change the thickness and color of the html.Hr() divider line But I don’t see any changes that I expect!. This is the code that i use:

app.layout = dbc.Container(
[   header,
    html.Hr(style = {'size' : '50', 'borderColor':'blue','borderHeight': "10vh", "width": "95%",}),
    dbc.Label("Live Performance Metrics", style = {"color": "white","font-weight":"light",'display' : 'flex','justifyContent': 'center'}),

This is the output that i get:

Only a very thin wispy, barely visible grey line by default. I want to change it to white and increase the thickness. How do i do it?

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This is a bit trickier than expected when using dbc. Please take a look at this old thread.

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I think you can use Html.Div , and style it like an Hr