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Can't change value of an argument

Dear Dash community,

I’m using the option to put inputs and states into *args. Working with pandas DataFrame works quite good but I can’t write a simple value to one of the args.

INPUTS = [Input(some inputs), ...]
INPUTS.extend([Input(more inputs)])
STATES = [State('xy', 'value')]
STATES.extend([State(more States)])

    [Output('xy', 'value'), more outputs...],
def test(*args)

    convert and write something to args[0], e.g.
    xx = args[0]
    xy = xx
    if xy == '' or xy is None or xy == []:
        xy = 0
        xy = xy + 1

    return something, ..., xy

    [Output(outputs), ...],
    [Inputs(inputs), ... ]
    [States('xy', 'value'), ...]
def printing(some inputs, xy_after, some states)

So, here is my problem. Getting args[0], assigning a value and returning it works since I see the value 0 here

def printing(inputs, xy_after, more states)

But when I call def test(*args) again and get args[0] it is an empty tuple again and I see value 0 over and over again. The type of xy is everywhere an int. Do you have any advice for me?

Thanks in advance!