Cannot move legend in horizontal action

I am trying to center my legend at the bottom of my plot. I have tried to use the x and xanchor properties to change the position but it does not move. I then colored the background to see if any changes were being made when I made changes to the properties and it showed that the legend fills unnecessary space to the right of the legend.

I figure this might be preventing me from moving the legend around. Is there any way to remove the space.
Any help is appreciated thank you!

Yeah, horizontal legend have a few positioning bugs at the moment, unfortunately.

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Perhaps this is related, I have a bar plot with multiple traces unfortunately, the horizontal legend is split into two lines. There is plenty of space for the legend to fit on one line. However, when playing with the x value, the legend does not seem to go past the vertical line of the plot.

@etienne could you please let us know the eta of this fix?