Cannot get credentials file while following "get started" guide

Hi, I am following the steps here: to get started with plotly. All of my colleagues seem to have set this up no problem.

I followed the steps there, pip installed plotly no problem, fired up an instance of Python, then set my credentials using the code outlined in the link above. It seemed to work, but I’m unable to locate the credentials file that in theory should be in my directory. Any thoughts? What is going wrong? I’m on Mac 10.11. Thank you in advance!

Using the code outlined in the link above should set your credentials in:
Are you able to locate your .plotly folder?

Hi Chelsea, thanks for the reply. I found the .plotly directory using the command line, but it doesn’t seem like anything is in that folder. For what it’s worth I also can’t seem to find the .plotly folder in the finder, so something seems to be missing. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Great it’s a hidden file ~/.plotly/.credentials so if you list all files: ls -a you should see it.
For further information you can check out:

Thank you! That seemed to work :slight_smile:

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