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Candlestcik wick problem

when i plot lots of candle in one picture high and low price width of the wick is almost the same with width of the candle(when i zoom width of wick is getting less). So what i am asking is that is there any way that when i plot plenty of data i make width of high and low wick less

Hi @gridiron9999,

You can control the width of the candlestick lines using the increasing.line.width and decreasing.line.width properties. E.g.:

from datetime import datetime
import plotly.graph_objs as go
from plotly.offline import iplot, init_notebook_mode

open_data = [33.0, 33.3, 33.5, 33.0, 34.1]
high_data = [33.1, 33.3, 33.6, 33.2, 34.8]
low_data = [32.7, 32.7, 32.8, 32.6, 32.8]
close_data = [33.0, 32.9, 33.3, 33.1, 33.1]
dates = [datetime(year=2013, month=10, day=10),
         datetime(year=2013, month=11, day=10),
         datetime(year=2013, month=12, day=10),
         datetime(year=2014, month=1, day=10),
         datetime(year=2014, month=2, day=10)]

trace = go.Candlestick(x=dates,
                       increasing={'line': {'width': 1}},
                       decreasing={'line': {'width': 1}})
data = [trace]
fig = go.Figure(data, layout={'title': 'Candlestick Width'})

Hope that helps!