Can you make Dash Pages act like Tabs?

I am having issues with pages due to the rebuilding of layouts/refiring of callbacks/etc. that could be solved by using tabs. Tabs would work since you are not rebuilding/refreshing the components when leaving the tab and returning but my issue is with the styling of the tab as well. So I was wondering if there was a way to use pages but have the backend functionality of a tab?

Maybe page components would suit your use case?


This looks to be a good solution. I hope you have an amazing day my friend!


While looking more into page components, it seems it is for sharing the same component throughout different pages. My issue is more on the performance end of having to rebuild each layout (while the layouts of each page is completely different) and keep components of those layouts persistent when bouncing back between each page.

I thought I could manage with tabs where:
Tab 1 has a table
Tab 2 has a table

  • make changes to table in tab 1 and click on tab 2 to make changes, go back to tab 1 and the changes are still there.

I have been using the pages and multi page structure because it allows me to build a more custom header for my application. But if I could replace dcc.Link() with something like dcc.Tab() or using the mantine components tab.

Let me know your thoughts when you get a chance. Any insight is helpful.

They can be used for both purposes. For your use case, you can just create a single page component on each page. If that doesn’t fulfill your needs, plese elaborate on what is missing :slight_smile:

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