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Can we pass a list of dash components to `app.layout`

My dash app is constituted of a html.Header, html.Main, and a html.Footer.

It seems however that app.layout accepts only one dash component (usually a html.Div), and not a list of dash components.

This makes me use an ugly div container to wrap everything:

app.layout = html.Div(

Is there a way not to wrap my “top-level” dash components in a div?

Indeed, the content of app.layout is already wrapped in multiple divs, notably <div id="_dash-app-content">:

  <div id="react-entry-point">
    <div class="_dash-undo-redo">
    <div id="_dash-app-content">
      <!-- CONTENT OF app.layout IS INSERTED HERE -->

See " * Customizing Dash’s HTML Index Template" in

There is not.