Can Plotly create interactive scatter charts?


I’m looking for a charting package that will allow me to create interactive scatter plots. By “interactive” I mean the user needs to be able to do the following:

  • Select individual data point.
  • Select regions of data points with some kind of click and drag tool (lasso or rectangular region).
  • Be able to select multiples of the above (multiple individual points and multiple regions) simultaneously.

Can Plotly do this?

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for from Lightning Charts: JavaScript Lasso Selection Chart - Editor

Hi @gibran.shah
A quick search on Google with your keywords would have given you this directely:

or This:

Thanks for the examples, David (and I apologize for my laziness).

I noticed from the first link that Plotly seems mainly built on Python, but in the second we get a Javascript implementation. I assume the Javascript implementation can run independently of the backend technology (we develop in C# and VB.NET). I notice it uses a ‘Plotly’ object but I don’t see where it’s imported or declared. Is this an npm package or a Node.js package?