Can Input/Output properties be defined as selectors?

Due to not being able to create dynamic callbacks I am using a State for managing dynamically created dropdowns (defined within a table), something like this: State("dynamic_table_head_with_dropdowns", "children") which returns a list like this:

[{'namespace': 'dash_html_components',
  'props': {'children': {'namespace': 'dash_core_components',
                         'props': {'options': [{'label': 'string',
                                                'value': 'string'},
                                               {'label': 'float',
                                                'value': 'float'},
                                               {'label': 'integer',
                                                'value': 'integer'},
                                               {'label': 'categorical',
                                                'value': 'categorical'},
                                               {'label': 'date',
                                                'value': 'date'}],
                                   'value': 'float'},
                         'type': 'Dropdown'}},
  'type': 'Td'},

To make this cleaner and possibly reduce bandwidth, is it possibly to define the callback like: State("dynamic_table_head_with_dropdowns", "children>options") or State("dynamic_table_head_with_dropdowns>children", "children") or similar?