Can I trigger a Dash function via a Flask app.route or URL?

Hey guys

This is probably crazy, and I probably don’t know enough about web frameworks like Flask and Django. But here goes.

I want to trigger a user-defined function in my Dash app from the browser URL or an underlying Flask app as an @app.route.

I want to display a particular view within my dash app via a hard URL, effectively like a simple API.


I know in flask you can grab variables straight from the path, such as:

def blah(query,year):
    #... Logic goes here
    return <call child dash app function somehow>

So I guess I’m wondering if it’s possible to somehow trigger a specific dash function/callback from the return ‘view’ of a flask route? Or if indeed this cam be done more simply from within the dash app itself?? (I dont actually need a custom flask app)

The idea would be you could redirect to display a specific state of your dash app DIRECTLY via the URL string, like an API, just as if the user had navigated there themselves.

Is this possible in any way?

Hey @dan_baker have you tried dcc.Location()?

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Ann you mistake me for a competent Dash programmer…

Thank you so much. I think that will do the trick!


There is no mistake about that! You do nice work :slight_smile:

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