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Can i print a list of registered inputs and callbacks?

I would like to see what componentes are and aren’t registered. In my app i have some dynamic Input/Output formatting that makes predicting the order in whick the callbacks are registered difficult.

In your callback function you could have something like:

Output('somewhere',, 'to-something'),
[Input('A', 'value')]
def my_function('value_from_input'):
   print('callback "my_function" received value %s'%value)

my input loks like

@app.callback(Output(component_id='my-test', component_property='children'),
def input_keys(*args):
    print('SIGNAL RECIEVED')
    return args

I am building a very… flexible dash up. I have no idea what input with be what. I want to avoid creating a key, hopefuly my utilizing some dash internal tools.

Callbacks get registered in a dictionary accessible at app.callback_map which might contain the information you need?

def callback_inputs():
    printable = [] 
    for i in app.callback_map.get('my-test.children').get('inputs'):

    return printable

ny test code but this got me what i needed, thanks so much.

This will be very useful in the future as well.

For the curious, i am using this list to drive my filtering. Since I don’t have anyidea what the filter’s names will be using this is the most reasonable way to go about it imo