Can I load a figure stored as an HTML file (generated using Plotly's python library) within Dash?

I’ve used Plotly’s Python library, but I’m a newbie to Dash.
Here’s my use case:

We have a Wordpress site that has a section called “dashboard”. The site has multiple users and we’d like to show different charts/dash apps to each user based on only their data.

So far, I’ve succeeded in embedding the HTML generated using Plotly’s library within Wordpress. This is sufficient but not very aesthetically pleasing. What I want to do next is when a user clicks on “dashboard”, they’d be directed to a dash app, which will be running as a docker container on, say, AWS ECS. One container for each customer.

So, here’s the main question: We generate charts for each user separately and store them on S3 at the moment. So when my dash container is running, is there a way for me to load a particular chart (HTML) and embed that into my Dash app?

The reason I’m asking this is - the charts use data from a MySQL database and if dash requires a constant connection to the data source to render the charts, that’d be terribly slow.