Can Dash, instead of "consuming" python stacktraces, to throw them to the IDE's debugger (e.g. PyCharm)?

I don’t like that “callback popup”; instead, I’d like to have them on my IDE.

… and/or, hopefully e.g. pudb also could be allowed to debug.

If you set debug to false, the errors will be routed to the console.

… but then can my IDE intercept the exception? :confused:

Hello @stdedos,

The only way that I know of to catch errors is to wrap it in try except clauses.

I believe that there may be some work a better error handling, but I am not 100%.

You might be able to leverage something like this if you want to:

I want to run a simple repl/debugging session.

If that would be a “plain python script”, then any extension would crash the program. I understand that, in a server, not every malformed request can crash the server; instead “its processing thread dies”

Sentry is so far out of where I am :sweat:

Hmm, you can also do a self hosted version of Sentry if you want to take a stab:

Printing to the IDE console works until you are in production, at that point it becomes a lot harder to capture the errors.