Callbacks Across Multi-Page Apps

Dear all,

I have a dilemma: I am trying to take a DataFrame filtered and generated by a callback in app1, and then display it within a DataTable in app2.

I have tried to import the DataFrame as a serialized JSON file after it has been returned from the callback function, but to no avail (similar to the approach outlined in the ‘Sharing Data Between Callbacks’ user guide).

Is this possible?
If yes, does anyone have any experience in doing this?

Thank you all in advance! Appreciate any answer!


What do you mean by app1 and app2? If these are separate Dash apps, then I’m not sure if this should work or not and this isn’t a method that I officially support or test.

If you want to display different content on different URLs, I recommend following the instructions at

Hi Chris,

Yeah they are separate dash applications, as part of a larger multi-page application.

To explain in more depth: I have the user filter a DataFrame over a date range, and by two separate categories in the first application, app1. There are various metrics which are then displayed on this app page.

I would then like to import this DataFrame into the second application, app2, and have it displayed as a DataTable, or html Table.

Hope this clarifies things slightly.

Cheers for the prompt reply, as always!