Callback with Nested Grids

I’m looking at the example in the documentation here: Master Detail | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly regarding how new row data can be served using a request/response model. I’m wondering if it’s possible to nest another grid within the nested grid and serve new row data again using another request/response. I’m new to dash and would very much appreciate an example if this is in fact possible.


Hello @lucy33,

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Yes, you can nest multiple grids using masterDetail.

The issue is once you are in the first level of detail, you can’t directly update the rowData. But… you might be able to access more stuff using the grids api with getApi function that was built into the window.dash_ag_grid clientside.

This is all in theory, it’s better if you have an actual use-case to present a more concrete answer.

@jinnyzor Thanks for the warm welcome. Let me do some reading up on the getAPI function and see how far i can get. Thanks for the quick response!

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