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Callback with dynamic states for one button

Now, I’m trying to make callback with dynamic states.

In detail, there are 2 systems for that.

If user select system1, then dcc.dropdown is displayed according to system1.

ex) Input1, Input2, Dropdown1

For system2, ex) Dropdown1, Dropdown2 …

so, there are dynamic States, and these are already developed in my source code.

But, the problem is, I don’t know how to make callback with it… Because states are dynamic…

Is there any way? Now I’m trying to make it like below. But it didn’t work…

@app.callback(Output(‘button-dummy’, ‘children’), [Input(‘button’, ‘n_clicks’)],
STATES) # STATES is a flexible list for system
def on_click_run(click, *args):
if system == system1:
elif system == system2:

I tried to make dynamic callback for one output,
using " del app.callback_map[‘button-dummy.children’] ", and make new one. But it didn’t work…

In addition apart from the original question, is there any way to make callback at runtime?