Callback interval < 100 doesn't work / slow

Working on a callback to do simple updates to a scatter plot “near” real-time from some dummy data in an array.

It seems like if i decrease the interval < 100 it doesn’t render at all. Even the 100 interval seems very slow and choppy on a new macbook pro.

Is this a resource issue on my machine or is it not intended to stream something that fast?

As a note - I have also tried what was recommended here: Performance | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly But it didn’t seem to make a difference.

The end goal use case is to read serial data from an IOT device and plot this near real-time using dash. The data points come very quick so i’m not sure if dash can keep up.

I may have already found a decent fix. I didn’t realize i could just pass back a hash with the data and layout from the return call from my callback function. This seemed to make it very fast.

I change from:
return go.Figure(data=[trace], layout=layout)

return {‘data’: [trace], ‘layout’: layout}

Wait so using go.Figure is significantly slower than building the dict yourself? Anyone got any idea how much time go.Figure adds on?

It seems to be slower, yes. Not sure why yet but i will look into the constructor of the Figure to see if that is why or maybe it is creating a new object everytime and just returing a hash of the trace and layout maybe append to the figure object?

Did you figure this out yet, I noticed a lag with the dcc interval with respect to update to my graphs as well


Did you fixed your problem or no? because i also faces same issue from last couple of days and can’t understand what actual going on so please help me.