Callback Graph in a Flask Application


I’m currently running dash as an application inside a bigger flask application.
So far this worked very well.

When I started working with Dash I really liked the DevUI (Errors and Callback graph) that is shown in debug mode.
If I run Dash inside a flask application, the DevUI is not shown. The errors are shown via the standard flask error view, but i would love to see the callback graph for the dash application, because my application is starting to grow quite large.

Is there any way to view it inside flask? Or render the callback graph as part of a layout?

This should be available still. I’m wondering if it might be how you’re running the app when it’s embedded. Perhaps debug mode is not being enabled?

Could you describe or provide a code snippet showing how you’re running the Flask app?

Ah I just found the problem.

The config environment was not correctly loaded. Setting DASH_DEBUG=True explicitly before starting, did the trick.

to fpriebe,

I am new to dash and to flask. you mentioned you had a dash app running inside of a flask app. How did you do it? I follow the documentation, but I cannot get this to work.

Any sample code or help would be greatly appreciated.