Callback forces reload

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make an app when pushed on the button submit, as seen below, a calculation of max 1-2 minutes is performed and a graph is shown.

However, the page reloads a few seconds after clicking on submit. In Spyder though, I can see that the calculations have finished and an output is generated. Any idea what the problem may be, since I don’t get any errors.

Below is the code for the callback. the id output shows a table of selected file names and result has to show a graph/animation + button. the if-statement checks whether the input is None, which is on startup of the app. Since the callback is fired upon startup.

Thanks in advance!

    [Output('output', 'children'),
     Output('result', 'children')],
    [State('rir_and_speech', 'children')]

def result(n_clicks, value):
    rirs = []
    speeches = []
    for i in value:
    statements= ['angle','speech-file']
    table = html.Table([
            html.Td([statements[j]+str(i+1)+': ', value[i].get('props').get('children')[j].get('props').get('value')]) for j in range(2)
    for i in range(len(value))], className="table_results")
    if rirs == [None] or speeches == [None]:
        return ["Nog Niets"],[]
        n_seq = len(rirs)
        mr = MeetingRoom()
        speech,answers =  mr.conversation_linear(rirs, speeches,  overlap= 0, sample = False)
        srcloc = SourceLocalization(recording_filename='./output/sim_audio.npy', 
                                    # num_angles_theta=360,
                                    # save_path='graphs/two/test/'
        # srcloc.plot_histogram_theta_windowed(hist_type='weighted')
        peaks = srcloc.peak_detection()
        speakers, positions = srcloc.speaker_positions(n_seq, peaks)
        srcloc.post_process(speakers, positions)
        #Make a nx4 array that represent the speakers. if nan -> not spoken, else -> degree of the speaker
        speakers = np.transpose(np.where(srcloc.speakers == False, np.nan, srcloc.speakers)) * srcloc.positions
        animation = AnimationMeetingRoom(speakers)
        fig = animation.fig
        graph_meeting_room = dcc.Graph(id='fig',figure=fig, responsive=True)
        audio_meeting_room = html.Div([html.Button(id="play_mr"),
        result = [graph_meeting_room, audio_meeting_room]
        return table, result