Call SelectedData after restyleData callback in ScatterPlot

Hi, I have a scatterplot figure.

What I need to do Is to update the selectedData component when the restyleData component is called.
I want to do this to update a table were all the points that are selected in the graph are shown.
Basically just fire a selectedData callback once a legend is selected/deselected in the scatterplot

I have been trying with something like this:

    def init_callbacks(self):
            [Output("data-table", "data"),
             Output("data-table", "columns")], 
             Input("scatter-plot", "restyleData"))

        def update_table(updated_idx, updated_legend):
            if callback_context.triggered_prop_ids:
                component_updated = next(iter(callback_context.triggered_prop_ids))

                if  component_updated == 'scatter-plot.selectedData':
                    self.selected_idx = [point['customdata'] for point in updated_idx['points']]

                if component_updated ==  'scatter-plot.restyleData':
                    app.callback(Input("scatter-plot","selectedData")) # Want to do something like this but not sure how to do it
                    # DO SOMETHING ELSE

            plot = self.df.iloc[self.selected_idx]

            return df_to_plot(plot)

what is the best way to do this?


maybe I was not clear enough.

So I have a dcc.graph() with a scatter figure in it.

What I want to do is that when I select/deselect a legend in the graph (restyleData component) it also updates the scatter points that are selected within the select tool (selectedData component)