Button that changes data displayed in scatter plot

I have been working with a dataframe with some information gathered between the years 2000 up to 2016 and I want to show it in a scatter plot. I have successfully done that for the first year, but I would like to add buttons that allow me to select the year to be displayed. The dataframe is a .csv file loaded with Pandas containing the columns A, B, Radius and Year. This is how I am currently displaying it:

fig = px.scatter(df[(df.Year == 2000)], \
             x='A', \
             y='B', \
             size='Radius', \
             text='Radius', \
             labels = {}


where px comes from import plotly.express as px and df is a Dataframe object from Pandas.

Notice how I am only displaying information about the year 2000. How would I implement buttons that change the data being displayed on the graph to the data of a given year? In other words, how would I implement buttons that change the dataframe being shown?

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