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Boxplot with multiple categories


i’ve got a question regarding boxplots with multiple categories.
My data looks like this:
id | country | type | num

I know how i can create a boxplot for countries and types. But what i’d like to achieve is to have the types as well as the countries.

For example it would have 5 traces of type and below those traces a country.

I hope it’s not too confusing and i’d appreciate some help.

Kind regards,

hey @swas

I may be pointing you in the wrong direction here but are you talking about subcategory axes https://plot.ly/r/axes/#subcategory-axes or perhaps a grouped box plot https://plot.ly/r/box-plots/#grouped-box-plots

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hey @bcd,

it’s exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much.
I’ve got a hard time finding stuff like this in the plotly reference sadly.