Boxplot rendering slowness and sometimes failed to load with memory leak error

Hi All,

I am building the boxplot visualization using Plotly JS library in Spotfire. Sometimes while accessing the visualization, I have observed it takes longer than usual to render even though, the underlying the data is loaded. Moreover, it doesn’t even load on first click I have to reload the data once again.
When I inspected the issue I saw in the console there is memory leak error for the visualization failed to load. Below is the error details:

MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 plotly_update listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit
** at f (http://localhost:8006/CustomView/DUs0GUoPbE6DPodm1--IH/NoDocumentViewId/d2f41a21-68ee-4211-acda-cd40579c7dc4/:9735:19558)**
** at s.addListener (http://localhost:8006/CustomView/DUs0GUoPbE6DPodm1--IH/NoDocumentViewId/d2f41a21-68ee-4211-acda-cd40579c7dc4/:9735:21840)**
** at r.manageCommandObserver (http://localhost:8006/CustomView/DUs0GUoPbE6DPodm1--IH/NoDocumentViewId/d2f41a21-68ee-4211-acda-cd40579c7dc4/:9759:941699)**
** at SVGGElement. (http://localhost:8006/Cus**

Please help me in this scenario.